What to Expect During Your Driving License Road Test

Meet Your Examiner

Your examiner will greet you and explain the process ahead, ensuring you're prepared for a safe and successful road test.

Vehicle Inspection

Perform a safety check on your vehicle, adjusting mirrors and testing signals before hitting the road.

Pre-Drive Procedures

Review pre-drive procedures with your examiner, including familiarizing yourself with vehicle controls and functions.

Maneuvering Skills

Follow your examiner's directions, staying calm, attentive, and obeying traffic laws as you navigate the road.

Traffic Situations

Encounter various traffic situations, like intersections and pedestrian crossings, while remaining alert and making safe decisions.

Emergency Procedures

Demonstrate your knowledge of emergency procedures, staying calm and prioritizing safety in unexpected situations.

Wrapping Up

Receive feedback from your examiner and reflect on your performance as you complete your road test journey.


Celebrate your achievement, whether you pass on your first attempt or need to try again, as you take a significant step towards responsible driving.


Knowing what to expect during your road test can alleviate stress and uncertainty, helping you stay focused and drive safely towards your goal.

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