Importance of OHV Decals: Safety & Compliance

What are OHV Decals?

OHV decals are essential stickers indicating compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Safety First

OHV decals are vital for quick safety identification and adherence to standards.

Compliance with Regulations

Displaying OHV decals is often a legal requirement, ensuring adherence to local laws.

Environmental Protection

OHV decals fund conservation efforts, contributing to environmental protection.

Trail Access

Decals may be necessary for trail access, managing usage and safety.

Emergency Situations

OHV decals provide crucial owner and vehicle information in emergencies.

Types of OHV Decals

There are various types, including registration and trail pass decals.

Display Importance

Properly displaying OHV decals is crucial for easy identification and compliance.


OHV decals are indispensable for off-road safety, environmental stewardship, and regulatory compliance. Ensure you have and display them correctly for a safe and enjoyable experience.