How to remove a lien from a vehicle title.

Pay off the loan

The first step in removing a lien from a vehicle title is to pay off the outstanding loan associated with the vehicle.

Obtain a release of lien

Once the loan has been paid off, the lender will issue a release of lien, which is a document that states that the lender no longer has a claim to the vehicle.

Submit the release of lien to the DMV

The next step is to submit the release of lien to the state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) along with any necessary fees.

Request for the new title

Once the DMV receives the release of lien and any necessary fees, they will process the request and issue a new title without the lien on it.

Keep the records

It is important to keep records of the process and the release of lien as it will be required in future transactions of the vehicle.

Out of State Title and Registration Transfers