Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Driver's License Road Test

Before you take your driver's license road test, let's avoid common mistakes that could hold you back.


Begin your test by adjusting mirrors, fastening seat belts, and signaling correctly. Rushing these basics sets the tone for a challenging experience.

Rushing the Basics

Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Tailgating not only poses risks but also indicates poor judgment to the examiner.

Ignoring Safe Following Distances

Approach intersections cautiously. Failing to yield, misjudging right of way, or rolling stops can lead to critical errors.

Misjudging Intersections

Ensure smooth transitions between acceleration, braking, and turning. Jerky movements can be perceived as a lack of control.

Jerky Transitions and Turns

Keep nerves in check. Panic or hesitation signals to the examiner that you might not be ready for the responsibilities of the road.

Letting Anxiety Take the Wheel

Stay focused and confidently approach your road test with Arizona Motor Vehicle Express.