What Are the Requirements for an Arizona Title Transfer?

When you buy a vehicle, you must complete a title transfer at an Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) title office. The dealer can also complete the title transfer process within 15 days of the vehicle's purchase.

Purchasing a Vehicle from an Arizona Dealer When you buy a car from an Arizona dealer, the dealer will handle the car title transfer and registration paperwork for a fee.

Buying a Vehicle from a Private Seller in Arizona If possible, go to the AZ MVD title office with the seller to initiate and complete the vehicle title transfer process.

Selling a Vehicle If you’re selling a vehicle in Arizona, you need to make sure you correctly transfer the vehicle’s title to the buyer.

How to Transfer Ownership of a Car Without a Title in Arizona To transfer ownership of a vehicle in Arizona, residents must have a vehicle title. The vehicle's seller must apply for a duplicate title and transfer ownership of the vehicle. 

How Much Does a Title Transfer Cost in Arizona? The Arizona MVD charges a $4 fee for vehicle title transfers, changes, and other similar situations.

Where Can you Go in Arizona to Transfer a Vehicle Title? You can transfer a vehicle title in Arizona either in person or online.

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