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Vehicle inspections are undertaken to match the vehicle identification number (VIN) to the vehicle ownership documents. It helps in determining the identity of the vehicle, and in some cases, also to verify if the vehicle is suitable and well equipped for highway use.

The three items required for vehicle inspection in Tucson are:

  • Proof of ownership. Proof of ownership could either be the vehicle title or registration details or bill of sale.
  • Valid driver’s license of the driver/owner.
  • Receipts for all component parts of the vehicle that have been repaired or replaced.

There are Three Inspection Levels under Vehicle Inspection in Tucson

Level 1 Vehicle Inspection

Level 1 inspections are required at MVD offices or by designated law enforcement officers for requests related to titles. Whether it is the case of bonded titles or some out of state/country vehicles without proof of title, they will need to undergo Level 1 inspection.

There are various instances when MVD may require a Level 1 Inspection of your vehicle. These include, but are not limited to:

Title Only- To be able to put a vehicle title in your name, without obtaining registration, you will be required to have a level one inspection done on the vehicle.

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Bonded Title- If you purchased a vehicle or mobile home without proper ownership documents, or lost the title before you had a chance to transfer it into your name, you will be required to obtain a title through the Bonded Title process. The first step in the process is a Level One vehicle inspection.

Abandoned Vehicles- An abandoned vehicle, by law, is a vehicle that has been abandoned on private property, for more than 10 days, and has not been claimed. You must be the owner of the property to apply for the abandoned vehicle title, and a Level One inspection is required.

Correcting the VIN, year or make of the vehicle- If there is a mistake on your Arizona title for the aforementioned, a Level One inspection may be required.

Do you need an inspection, but can’t bring the vehicle to us? Let us come to you instead! Please click here to request an off-site Level One inspection.

Level 2 or 3 inspections cannot be completed by our office. They are done by appointment only at certain MVD offices.

Level 2 Vehicle Inspection

Level 2 vehicle inspections can be performed at certain MVD offices only. The Level 2 inspection is conducted by a peace officer when the situation indicates that a secondary VIN(s) should be verified. Level 2 vehicle inspections in Tucson are carried out by appointment only.

In some cases after a Level 2 inspection is conducted, a review at a later date may indicate that a Level 3 inspection may be required.

Level 3 Vehicle Inspection

This is the highest level inspection and is carried out by appointment only. Level 3 inspections are necessary when the vehicle being inspected is restored salvage or a recovered stolen vehicle or has been involved in a crash. This vehicle inspection is required for verifying all major component parts, like the front-end and rear-end assembly, engine, transmission, etc. The inspection also helps determine if the vehicle is equipped for highway use.

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