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Easily transfer your vehicle’s title and registration with Arizona Motor Vehicle Express

Do you plan to buy a vehicle in Arizona? Arizona law requires that you apply for a vehicle title within 15 days of your purchase of the vehicle. The application needs to be submitted at the MVD office or with any authorized third party provider to complete the title registration process. If the vehicle is not registered in Arizona but you want to drive it in Arizona, it needs to be registered when you become an Arizona resident.

Do you need to transfer the title of your vehicle, motorcycle, trailer, or mobile home? If so, let our experienced staff at Arizona Motor Vehicle Express assist you! All of our employees have extensive title and registration experience, so our service is not just fast, it is also accurate! You can always rely on us to handle all of your MVD needs within the State of Arizona!

Title Transfers- The law requires all owners to be listed on the new title be present at the time of the transfer. Vehicles five years or older should have undergone the Arizona emissions test within the last 90 days before completion of the title and registration process. Motorcycles are exempt from emissions requirements. If you need to do title only, title without registration, the vehicle will need to be brought in, and a Level One inspection completed.

Transferring a title and registration requires:

  • A completed vehicle transfer form
  • Original title (if different from the new title)
  • Copy of your current driver’s license or state identification card
  • Proof of insurance (vehicle registration, liability, or collision)
  • Payment for registration fees

Once you have all of the required documents, they need to be submitted with the local DMV office.

If there is a lien on the vehicle that has not been paid off, written permission from the lienholder/ lender will be required to add or delete a name.

Out of State Title and Registration Transfers: Just moved to our beautiful state, and need to switch your title and registration over? A car title held by a motorist from one state that is registered in another state is known as a cross-state car title. When a person moves to a new state, such as Arizona, they are required to re-title their car in order to adhere to the laws of the new state.

Vehicles five years or older should have completed the Arizona emissions test within the last 90 days. If you own the vehicle, we will need your out of state title. If you are still making payments, and you are from a title holding state (where the lien holder holds your title until you pay it off), we will need your most current out of state registration. If you are from a non-title holding state, we will need your title showing your lien holder. That title will be converted to an electronic title in Arizona with your lien holder. If you are leasing a vehicle, we will need your out of state registration and a notarized power of attorney from the leasing company.

Important changes:

Arizona changed to a new system in April 2020, and with that change there is a new process! All titles, license plates, placards, registrations, and stickers are now sent in the mail. You will receive temporary plates over the counter, and the metal plates, sticker, and registration will come in the mail. There are plans for Arizona to become a fully electronic title holding state in the very near future. Until that time, we are still able to request a paper title be printed and mailed to you.

All Title and Registration Services:

  • Adding liens
  • Registration Renewals
  • Duplicate Titles
  • 3, 30, and 90 day Permits
  • Arizona Title Transfers
  • Out of State Title Transfers
  • Salvage Titles
  • Duplicate Registrations
  • Mobile Home Titles
  • Personalized and Specialty Plates
  • Lost, Stolen or Damaged Plate Replacements
  • Disability Plates and Placards
  • Tab Replacements
  • Duplicate Plates (Vanity Plates only)
  • Bonded Titles
  • Vehicle Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)
  • Reinstating Suspended Registrations