Drivers License Road Test

Drivers License Road Test

Driver’s License Road Testing

Skip the lines at MVD and schedule your Arizona driver’s license road test here at Arizona Motor Vehicle Express. Our online scheduling process makes it easy to find a time that works for you, so you can take the next step towards passing your Arizona road test and getting your Arizona driver’s license.

Please note that a parent or legal guardian has to accompany a teen driver applying for a driver’s license. Before taking the Arizona driving test, teen drivers are required to hold an instruction permit for at least six months. Drivers are required to pass a written test if they are older than 18.

Documents required for applying for Arizona Driver’s License:

Along with the ID requirements, you will need to bring in:

  • Proof of current insurance- Can be electronic, but must be carried by the tester in the vehicle during the test
  • Proof of Current Registration- If you are using a rental vehicle to take the test, the person testing must be listed on the rental agreement.
  • Your vehicle must be in good working condition- Please click here for information you need to know before you take your test
  • Taking the written test and road test.
  • The purpose of a road test is to assess that you have the skills required to operate a vehicle and to determine your ability to drive in a manner consistent with the safety laws set forth by the State of Arizona.

We will be ensuring you:

  • Have the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely
  • Have formed proper habits essential to safe driving.
  • Are able to demonstrate your knowledge of traffic laws on the road

If you would like to schedule your driver’s license road test with us, you can fill out the form below. We will contact you in 24 or less to confirm your appointment.

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Applicants for a driving license need to pass a written test and a road test. The written test for a regular driver’s license consists of 30 multiple-choice questions taken from the Arizona Driver License Manual. To pass the written test, one needs to score 80% or higher.
The road test includes driving your motor vehicle through a test route where you will encounter a variety of traffic situations. An examiner who is riding in the vehicle with the applicant gives the directions which need to be followed. The applicant will be graded on specific actions and on their ability to drive the vehicle safely. Before taking the road test, one also needs to pass a parking test along with successful completion of a three-point turn.
To successfully pass the road test, one needs to score 80 points or higher. Scoring 80 points or higher certifies sufficient knowledge of operating a vehicle and driving it through various traffic conditions. It also ensures the applicant has the required knowledge of the traffic laws of Arizona.
Six out of 10 fail the driver’s test on their first try. To ensure you pass the driver’s test successfully, you should get plenty of practice on the road before the test. Spend at least a total of 40 practice hours on the road under the supervision of a licensed driver to ensure you are confident before the road test. Study the driver’s skill book thoroughly. On the day of the test, do not turn on the vehicle until instructed by the examiner. Follow the instructions given and obey all speed limit and traffic signs, signal before taking turns, and maintain control over your vehicle. The most important thing is to stay calm and focused.